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22: Olga, an agent of effective [marketing] communication
6 August 2018

22: Olga, an agent of effective [marketing] communication

This week we are joined by Olga Kovalenko. She has found her niche in digital marketing and join us from Kiev, Ukraine where she applies her trade at Trionika as Marketing Team Lead. Here she focuses on email marketing; she’s fast to point out that the humble E-mail is not dead [yet], and still remains a key part of the digital communication mix. She recently finished a PhD that focused on unpacking the value of micro-copy within digital communication, amongst others.

Important Links

People in Marketing that Olga follows:

  • Yaroslav Zubko for mobile design inspiration: DribbbleTwitter
  • Paul Levchuk for analytics in marketing: BlogFB page (posts in Russian)
  • Dmitriy Spuntik (nickname) and his company’s blog on email marketing: BlogFB page

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