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16 March 2020
How to write winning proposals without anxiety and stress? (Episode 53)

As an independent, either solo-entrepreneur, freelance or consultant, you constantly have to negotiate and prove your value to your (potential) clients. It is a painful exercise that very few are prepared to face at the start of their adventure. Unfortunately, this quickly can become the main culprit for[…]

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3 March 2020
How to turn distraction into action? (Episode 52)

Every single January, most of us go through the same ritual: full of hope, we set up ambitious goals for ourselves for the new year. Then comes the installation of new productivity apps encouraged by pervasive App stores, persuading us that this is the solution. We all know[…]

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29 February 2020
Can a “Toy” help you innovate?

How can you amplify all the voices in your team creatively without giving up your credibility? Playmobil Pro is a new tool to encourage creative conversations and interactivity amongst professionals. Join me for a quick give you a quick tour. – Playmobile Pro Website – http://bit.ly/playmobilpro

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