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Breaking through – Making the transition from Designer to CEO

Running a business is not for everyone – but designers face an even steeper uphill battle. So why are some of us so ill-equipped when it comes to transitioning into business leadership roles? German Leon is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer at GESTOOS, where they enable cameras[…]

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Planning & producing events that leave a lasting impression

Miranda van Bruck is a Digital & Live Event Designer, Producer and the founder of ‘The Content Studio’. She has over 20 years of experience designing and producing global, award-winning events for brands looking for unique ways to differentiate themselves. She joins me this week on the Creative[…]

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Let your next opportunity find you – Forever employable

What if you could stop looking for work and let your next job find you? Jeff Gothelf is a recognized Lean thinking and design evangelist and a global Lean UX movement founder. Now, imagine you could repurpose the principles Jeff has been championing and apply them to your[…]

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Building bridges between ideas and action

Thought leadership is a phrase used to describe any number of activities, but few have been able to master its potential. These pursuits can build bridges between ideas and action, driving business results, according to Bill Sherman. Bill is the COO at Thought Leadership Leverage and co-host of[…]

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Reignite your Curiosity — There is always something new to learn

Curiosity is one of our innate superpowers. It powers the human race and fuels innovation. It’s what drives us to create new things and explore the world around us. More than often, Curiosity can be less present or move to the background. Anthony Rocco, an Experience Designer &[…]

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Find your voice: How to Tell a Story that Builds Trust and Converts Customers

A story is a way for people to talk about what they know and what they care about. It’s a way to connect with an audience. And it’s a way to build trust. Fei Wu is a content creator and digital marketer who helps small businesses and creative[…]

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