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Breaking through – Making the transition from Designer to CEO

Running a business is not for everyone – but designers face an even steeper uphill battle. So why are some of us so ill-equipped when it comes to transitioning into business leadership roles? German Leon is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer at GESTOOS, where they enable cameras[…]

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An innovation coaching session, over coffee

My guest is on a mission to help 1 Million people to innovate. It’s brave. It’s bold. It’s Jens Heitland! Jens is a former global head of Innovation at IKEA, has taken on this ambitious goal as a consultant, coach and entrepreneur. I’ll be twisting his arm this[…]

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Small tools and interesting things from my studio

Creative Coffee Break with Wern’ In case you missed today’s stream, here are the talented folks and tools I shared during the session. Oh! And I’m giving a book to one lucky viewer, see below how you can enter. UXPressia ‘s User Journey and Persona cheat cards –[…]

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14 October 2020
Adding ‘colour’ to your event [strategy] with the “Drawing Out Change” visual design guide

An experience that helps you create better experiences? 🙂 The folks from the Event Design collective found a unique and interactive way to introduce you to the world of Event Design [Strategy]. Events have the power to change behavior and inspire – but you have to apply the[…]

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11 August 2020
Getting inspired by Nature – Inspirations and provocations to help you innovate beyond the obvious

Nature can be a source of great inspiration when you’re searching for new ideas. The Sneakerfish, “Inspired by Nature” offers a structured method, and set of cards that will help you and inspire your team as they search for innovations. ** I also have a little bonus tool,[…]

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Using the experiential benefits of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to slow the Design Thinking process

Premise: Using the experiential benefits of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to slow the Desing process down when it’s needed. You have several design tools and approaches in your toolbelt — with Lego Serious Play as your absolute favourite of course! It is tempting to use the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®[…]

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