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16 March 2020
53: How to write a winning proposal without anxiety and stress?

As an independent, either solo-entrepreneur, freelance or consultant, you constantly have to negotiate and prove your value to your (potential) clients. It is a painful exercise that very few are prepared to face at the start of their adventure. Unfortunately, this quickly can become the main culprit for the anxiety and stress that characterize too often the solo experience.

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14 March 2020
How to cope with remote work without losing your mind?

This week, we all discovered that the simple detail that was missing for companies around the world to suddenly discover the wonderful advantages of remote working was… a global pandemic. Now, millions of workers are supposed to become immediately productive in an environment that they, often, never associated with work.

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2 March 2020
52: How to turn distraction into action?

Every single January, most of us go through the same ritual: full of hope, we set up ambitious goals for ourselves for the new year. Then comes the installation of new productivity apps encouraged by pervasive App stores, persuading us that this is the solution. We all know what happens too often next. A few months later, we wither in disappointment and self-doubt.

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17 February 2020
51: How to avoid a painful start to your solo-entrepreneurship adventure?

Ah, the freedom of freelancing, of being your own boss! The concept of running your own business is enthralling, however, very few take the steps towards self-employment. And of those, a good amount drops out of the adventure after just a few months. Are you wondering if you had what it takes to become a successful solo-entrepreneur? Then, this episode is for you. Werner and Jonathan discuss the lessons they learned during their entrepreneurship journey, reflecting on both their successes and failures. And let’s be real, especially the failures, so you folks don’t make the same. From understanding the crude realities of being a solo-entrepreneur to learning how to sell your skills, you will learn at least one or two useful pieces of information in this episode.

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3 February 2020
50: How to create a winning podcast?

And we’re back! 2020, new year and new iteration for our beloved show Bloc Thinking. Starting today, during each episode, we will focus on a question that you asked us, during more focused shows that will last less than 30 minutes. Short, focused, efficient but with the same energy that characterised our duo.

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20 January 2020
Wait for us!

Wishing our listeners a prosperous 2020. Keep an ear out for us, Jono and Werner will be in your feed soon.

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23 December 2019
49: 2020 a new decade full of promise!

It’s the end of the year and the traditional time for assessments. Both Werner and Jonathan reflect on what went well in 2019 and what they need to work on and improve in 2020. Werner talks about his desire to focus his efforts on structure and process while Jonathan shares how 2019 went well for him and how he wants to continue to do more of what he did during that year. They then talk about the future format they want Bloc Thinking and how they want it to tie better into their professional lives. The show ends with Jonathan sharing a piece of important personal news with the Happiest Place on Earth as the background for that story.

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2 December 2019
48: Do you have any Business in Africa?

Werner and Jono just got back from Berlin and Amsterdam respectively. Jonathan was invited to speak about a project he’s doing in West Africa, and Werner attended the inaugural Event Design Collective Mastermind. Both events provided them with an opportunity to reflect on business in Africa and at home.

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19 November 2019
47: We have a [business] dream to share

Jono and I want to create something else with this platform. Maybe it’s time to do something real, something that could gather our listeners around a topic we all care about. Let’s face it; we are tired about talking about senior, junior, UX vs UI … maybe we should be talking about creating sustainable businesses and how we can avoid getting screwed over by the man.

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4 November 2019
46: Guerilla-gear for research and content creation

Buying the right gear and software for your business can cause headaches and unnecessary strain on your budget. Yet, sometimes you have to take the plunge, and we don’t blame you if you get excited about that new piece of kit. Werner’s excitement about a recent purchase, to support an upcoming project, takes us on an unplanned detour into the world of AV hardware and the software.

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