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Reignite your Curiosity — There is always something new to learn

Curiosity is one of our innate superpowers. It powers the human race and fuels innovation. It’s what drives us to create new things and explore the world around us. More than often, Curiosity can be less present or move to the background. Anthony Rocco, an Experience Designer &[…]

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Small tools and interesting things from my studio

Creative Coffee Break with Wern’ In case you missed today’s stream, here are the talented folks and tools I shared during the session. Oh! And I’m giving a book to one lucky viewer, see below how you can enter. UXPressia ‘s User Journey and Persona cheat cards –[…]

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11 August 2020
Getting inspired by Nature – Inspirations and provocations to help you innovate beyond the obvious

Nature can be a source of great inspiration when you’re searching for new ideas. The Sneakerfish, “Inspired by Nature” offers a structured method, and set of cards that will help you and inspire your team as they search for innovations. ** I also have a little bonus tool,[…]

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Using the experiential benefits of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to slow the Design Thinking process

Premise: Using the experiential benefits of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to slow the Desing process down when it’s needed. You have several design tools and approaches in your toolbelt — with Lego Serious Play as your absolute favourite of course! It is tempting to use the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®[…]

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Start Playing Serious – The smaller PLAYMOBIL pro Starter Kit is a great way to get you innovating

Let me give you a quick peek inside the Playmobil Pro Starter Kit the smaller version of the larget Basic Set. Playmobil Pro is a tool to encourage creative conversations and interactivity amongst professionals. Join me for a quick give you a quick tour. Here’s my original Playmobil[…]

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Let’s get our stories straight – Fabula, a framework for Fiction writers (and experience designers)

Breaking out the Hero’s Journey, with the help of the Fabula Tool, to gain control of the narrative’s that you are developing with your customers. I recently made an argument that we need to get better at constructing narratives in business. In this video, I introduce a few[…]

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