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1 November 2021
#607 Are you a saint?

#607 Public holiday for some, but others need to work a little bit. Tough decisions made but happy with the priorities for the next couple of weeks.

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1 November 2021
Unlock new opportunities by re-thinking your users

The nature of the relationship that we have with our customers is far more complex than we realize.  Have you heard of “user ecosystems”? Unlock new strategic opportunities by considering the elaborate linked experiences users have with your product (or service) through user ecosystem thinking. In this video,[…]

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1 November 2021
#606 Halloween in Polandia

#606 Halloween with a very strong Autumn vibe here in Warsaw.

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28 October 2021
#605 Saint Frantzi day

#605 Saint Frantzi day, fresh autumn day in Poland.

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27 October 2021
#604 He wants to be a firefighter

#604 He wants to be a firefighter for Halloween of course!

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26 October 2021
#603 A short-break out of the office

#603 A short break out of the office to find a snack with the lovely Marta.

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