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7 February 2023
Upgrade your ‘Conversation Game’: Transform small talk into meaningful connection

It’s time to upgrade your conversation game! In this video, we’ll be diving into the world of engaging and meaningful questions with the help of the We! Connect Cards by Chad Littlefield. Join me as we explore a simple, effective way to ask questions that not only spark[…]

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5 December 2022
Add a little facilitation-magic and get the most out of your meetings

Taking on the role of facilitator in your next session doesn’t have to be daunting. Let me share how to use facilitation magic to get the most out of your meetings and workshops. We’ll look at the essential role of a facilitator, and I’ll also share a great[…]

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Make voting sessions visual, insightful and fun with Feedback Frames

Democracy, while a great concept, can lack nuance when you have to work with a lot of people. For example, if the questions create confusion or feedback is mismanaged, there will be problems. I’ve been wielding the power of the dot-vote, or dotmocracy, for a long time in[…]

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24 January 2022
Tactics for killing bad meetings

Are you suffering from Zoom Fatigue? The problem isn’t about how much screentime you’re getting, but rather the quality of meetings that are happening. So it’s time to kill bad meetings and shift focus towards unlocking your team’s imagination – and dare I say, have some fun. I[…]

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11 January 2022
#637 We’re ok

#637 We’re ok, getting settled into the new year, the grey and the bright new challenges.

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5 January 2022
#637 Ski boots?

#637 Getting ready for the next (small) adventure.

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