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13 January 2024
Frame to Reframe: Designing a Regenerative Future

Do you know what an “obliquiscope” is? This little perspective [perspex] frame helps us reframe our view of the world. Who knew that the word “obliquiscope” would lead me down this fascinating rabbit hole? From figuring out what it is to exploring the thoughts, frameworks and initiatives related[…]

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6 November 2023
Conversation Cards: Exploring Meaningful Conversations

Ignite deeper connections and explore the power of genuine conversation. In this review, I explore the thought-provoking questions inspired by the Diary of a CEO podcast. Discover how the Conversation Cards deck can stimulate raw, honest, and unfiltered discussions, and help you share personal insights and experiences.

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26 August 2023
Archetype Cards: Igniting Inspiration and Innovation in Branding

Join me on a short journey to introduce how you could uncover hidden insights, ignite inspiration, and fuel innovation in branding through the storytelling prowess of archetypes.

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Ignite Your AI Imagination: Exploring the AI Ideation Card Deck

The AI Ideation Card Deck aims to spark creative thinking and support idea generation for AI applications. This set of cards represent different AI concepts and technologies with the aim to educate, inspire and spark new possibilities.

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Exploring Ethical AI with ‘Judgement Call’: Prioritizing Responsible Choices and Mitigating Harm

I’m fascinated by the potential of Artificial Intelligence! But, I believe it’s crucial to consider the potential impact of the technology on society. It’s for that reason that I tracked down and created a review for “Judgement Call”, a game designed to help teams explore ethical considerations in AI decision-making.

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