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Let’s get our stories straight – Fabula, a framework for Fiction writers (and experience designers)

Let’s get our stories straight – Fabula, a framework for Fiction writers (and experience designers)

Crafting Compelling Experiences: How the Fabula Framework Enhances Human-Centered Design

Hello, I’m Van Budget, a creative entrepreneur dedicated to blending storytelling with business strategy to deliver unforgettable customer experiences. In my latest video, I delve into the transformative power of the Fabula framework, an innovative tool originally crafted for fiction writers, now reimagined for the realm of experience design.

The Power of Narrative in Design

Storytelling isn’t just for entertainers. In business, the ability to craft a compelling narrative can set your brand apart and create meaningful connections with your audience. This is where the Fabula framework comes in. It provides a structured approach that I use as a lens to evaluate and enhance the experiences I develop, ensuring they are not only functional but also emotionally resonant.

Why You’re Not the Hero

One of the pivotal insights I share is the shift in perspective required for effective experience design: You are not the hero of the story—your customer is. This approach ensures that the services and products are designed around the needs, ambitions, and journeys of the users, not the self-image of the company.

Balancing Logic and Emotion

The second tip revolves around the delicate balance of logic and emotion in storytelling. The stories we craft must weave these elements together to not only make sense but also to touch the heart and move the mind. This balance is crucial in ensuring that the narrative drives action and fosters a deep connection with the audience.

Utilizing the Fabula Card Deck

In practice, I adapt the Fabula Card Deck, a tool for building story structures, to the needs of experience design. Each card prompts consideration of different aspects of the narrative, helping to build a robust framework for customer experiences. By adapting the Hero’s Journey to the design process, we guide customers through a transformational arc, from the familiar to the extraordinary, making each interaction memorable.

The Hero’s Journey in Customer Experience

The Hero’s Journey isn’t just a template for writing; it’s a powerful metaphor for the customer journey itself. From the initial call to adventure to the eventual triumphant return, each step mirrors stages in the consumer’s interaction with a product or service, providing a narrative structure that enhances understanding and engagement.

Integrating Tools and Techniques

Besides the physical card deck, I utilize digital tools like Mural to organize and visualize the journey stages, making it easier to collaborate and iterate on design ideas. This digital integration allows for a dynamic planning process, accommodating the fluid nature of creative development.

Conclusion: Tools for Transformation

As we wrap up, I encourage all designers, storytellers, and business professionals to explore the intersection of narrative and experience design. The Fabula framework, along with resources like Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces and Donald Miller’s Building a Better StoryBrand, provide invaluable insights into structuring experiences that are not only effective but transformative.

Remember, the story you tell is the experience you offer. Design it well.

Breaking out the Hero’s Journey, with the help of the Fabula Tool, to gain control of the narrative’s that you are developing with your customers. I recently made an argument that we need to get better at constructing narratives in business. In this video, I introduce a few tips, a framework to help your structure your stories and journeys along with a tool that will help even the most novice designer find their way.

Fabula Card Deck: https://www.fabuladeck.com

The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell
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Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen, Donald Miller
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