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Inspiration Wild Cards: Shatter Convention with Wild Perspectives

Inspiration Wild Cards: Shatter Convention with Wild Perspectives

Unlocking Creativity in Design: My Experience with the Inspiration Wild Cards

In the dynamic field of design, the battle against creative stagnation is ongoing. As a designer committed to innovation, I recently explored a transformative tool that promises to revolutionize conventional ideation processes— the Inspiration Wild Cards. This tool is ingeniously designed to free teams from the shackles of traditional thinking and spark unprecedented creativity.

Discovering the Inspiration Wild Cards

The Inspiration Wild Cards aren’t just another set of brainstorming tools; they represent a fundamental shift towards embracing the unpredictable and unconventional in our design methodologies. Each card in this deck challenges us to move beyond obvious solutions and venture into the realm of “adjacent possibilities”—those creative ideas that lie just beyond the immediate scope of our current thinking.

Features and Advantages

Crafted with exceptional quality, the deck is impressively packaged in a durable box perfect for transport to various working environments, from casual workshops to intensive team sessions. The cards themselves are large and adorned with captivating artwork, enhancing the visual and tactile experience. They are divided into five provocative categories: Super Forces, Fiction Laws, Stereotypes, Nightmares, and Unexpected Influences, each designed to push the boundaries of conventional idea generation.

Application in Action

In my review, I demonstrate how these cards can be effectively integrated into a design session. As a facilitator, you start with a clear problem statement and distribute the cards among participants. Each person then reflects on the unique challenge presented by their card, diverging from typical thinking patterns to explore innovative and seemingly outlandish ideas.

Practical Examples

I delve into several cards during my video review, illustrating scenarios such as envisioning a product’s function in super slow motion or its usage by a fictional dark lord. These exercises are not just fun; they are critical in uncovering unique opportunities and potential innovations that could set a product apart in a crowded market.


The Inspiration Wild Cards affirm that structured creativity can be a powerful tool in the design process. They are indispensable for anyone eager to foster innovation, whether in product development, user experience, or any creative field. If you’re interested in adopting this tool, I recommend visiting the Inspiration Wild Cards website for more information and exploring additional resources on platforms like Thecable and Behance.

Exploring Further

For those passionate about pushing creative boundaries and exploring new design possibilities, the Inspiration Wild Cards provide a portal to innovative thinking. My journey with these cards has been iterative and challenging, but the potential to unlock groundbreaking ideas is immense.

For a deeper understanding and a walkthrough of each card, check out my full video review, and join the ongoing discussion about cutting-edge tools that are transforming the creative industry.

Breaking with Convention.

It’s harder than it seems. I have my own strategies to try and get around conventional thoughts, dark humor being one of them.

However, risking a trip to HR for an inappropriate joke might not be your jam 😉 Jokes aside… there are some trusted techniques and strategies to try and break out of ‘convention’.

‘Inspiration Wild Cards’ attempt to do this by adding a bit of a wild, perhaps a little wacky, prompts that might unlock fresh perspectives from the most unexpected places.


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