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Small tools and interesting things from my studio

Small tools and interesting things from my studio

Creative Coffee Break with Wern’ In case you missed today’s stream, here are the talented folks and tools I shared during the session. Oh! And I’m giving a book to one lucky viewer, see below how you can enter.

UXPressia ‘s User Journey and Persona cheat cards – www.uxpressia.com/cheat-cards/ Tamara and Shawna from Traction Strategy sent me a copy of their PhotoCard Deck and Handy Dry Erase Storyboard Cards – https://tractionstrategy.ca Ben Mizen from Ideasalchemy.net with his Playful Strategies Card Deck – https://www.ideasalchemy.net/lspaddons A quick peek at books waiting to get some love on my shelve. The Innovation Cycle, from the pens of Claus Raasted & Robert Kiss – http://www.clausraasted.com/ Super excited about this one! The Zero in formula from Dennis Geelen, https://www.zero-in.ca (you can also grab a copy from most online stores) Then my special friends Ruud, Roel and Dennis from the Event Design Collective working on a new offering.

While you wait for that one, check out their other tools and original book at www.edco.global I’m looking for more tools and resources that allow people to realise their potential and unlock meaningful change and creativity. Please reach out if you want to collaborate.

WIN! Don’t forget I’m giving a copy of the innovation cycle away, drop my a message and say “I want that @#$@# BOOK!” to get into the lucky draw.

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