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10 May 2021
How to find your Purpose using The Zenith Purpose Anatomy tool

How do you define a direction that gives you inner peace of mind, motivates your team, and inspires your customers? What change are you seeking to create? The Zenith Purpose Anatomy is a unique tool created by Marloes Sikkema, an innovation strategist based in the Netherlands. Find out[…]

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#498 Cross your fingers

#498 Proposal sent after lots of work – big one, and interesting potential project.

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#497 One more, maybe

#497 Walking to kindergarten with Frantzi is the highlight of my day. But then again, that’s usually only the start of my day.

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#496 One day I’ll be a pro!

#496 Good strong start to the week with a good walk with my pal and then back to the Zoom-room.

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#495 Bicycle trip through Tulip-Warsaw

#495 Beautiful day in Warsaw with Marta and Frantzi.

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