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29 June 2020
A structured approach to designing your podcast strategy

Want to take a leap into podcasting? I’ve got something that might help you. Podcasts are hands down my favourite medium – but so many of them fail or fizzle out. This motivated my to draw up a tool that I’ve been using with some of my clients and I hope will help creators as you think about the “why” of your audio creation — especially if you’re an entrepreneurial podcaster. Drop me a note if you found this helpful at all — now go record something.

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18 January 2021
#384 Coffee made by a real barista

#384 Getting out with the wifey to grab a sandwich and a coffee – love the small things in live these days.

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17 January 2021
#383 Nap for the win!

#383 Nothing like a good old Sunday afternoon nap.

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16 January 2021
#382 Gat skuur

#382 Snowy goodness and a day on the couch with my main-man.

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15 January 2021
#381 He’s ok but he’s go us worried

#381 Ending the week with a sick boy and a white Warsaw.

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14 January 2021
#380 Who’s on your side?

#380 Only think white and supreme should be the awesome snow flurries. The rest is just an indicator of what’s good and evil.

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