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#156 Tony-2-times (ft. Tony Weintraud)

#156 Let me take you back in time to a Hotel Room in Toulouse, France.

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#155 Comfy pyjamas (ft. Alta Nel)

#155 Change. It can be fun, hard but it’s never done.

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#154 It starts with a shitty guitar (ft. Helmut Watterott)

#154 They taught me a lot about what MATTERS and the value of getting the other side of the story.

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#153 The power of rituals (ft. Marcin Kinderman)

#153 A good ritual can be powerful if you are able to sustain it keep its purpose in check without falling into a rut.

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#152 We like to move it!

#152 We’re moving closer to returning to Warsaw but hanging on to a few more special moments in a special place.

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