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Archetype Cards: Igniting Inspiration and Innovation in Branding
26 August 2023

Archetype Cards: Igniting Inspiration and Innovation in Branding

Unlocking Brand Identity with Archetypes: A Deep Dive into Strategic Branding Tools

Hello everyone, Van Budget here. Today, I want to share with you some intriguing insights into a tool that could revolutionize the way we approach branding and customer engagement: archetype cards. This is not just about understanding branding; it’s about mastering it through the psychological depth of archetypes.

In the vast landscape of branding, archetypes offer a fascinating lens to explore the inherent traits and storytelling elements that can resonate deeply with your audience. Developed from the psychological theories introduced by Carl Jung, archetypes help us categorize brands and their customers into universally recognizable characters—like the Hero, the Rebel, or the Sage—which encapsulate specific sets of behaviors and values.

During this session, I introduced a beta tool developed by the team at Livid Dot. B, a notable agency known for its innovative approaches to branding. This tool—a deck of archetype cards—serves as both a guide and an inspirational toolkit for branding teams. Each card represents one of the twelve standard archetypes, complete with pop culture references that illustrate these archetypes in a relatable way. For instance, the ‘Outlaw’ archetype might feature an icon like Clint Eastwood, emphasizing traits like rebellion and disruption which can be powerful in challenging the status quo in a brand’s narrative.

I demonstrated how these cards could be utilized in a practical setting. For example, you might start by eliminating archetypes that don’t currently align with your brand’s identity. This pares down the options and focuses discussions on the most relevant traits. The next steps involve selecting archetypes that resonate with both your current customer base and your aspirational brand positioning. The goal is to eventually distill this down to a singular, powerful archetype that encapsulates the essence of your brand.

This tool isn’t just about identifying your brand’s personality; it’s about aligning that personality with your corporate mission and vision, thereby making your brand’s ‘why’ clear and compelling. Whether it’s Nike’s ambition to transform everyone into an athlete or a startup’s desire to innovate in a traditional industry, knowing your archetype can clarify and enhance how these missions are perceived and experienced by customers.

Furthermore, I explored how these archetype insights can complement other strategic tools like persona development in user experience and customer segmentation. Archetypes add a layer of strategic depth that enhances tactical user persona tools which are often more focused on surface-level characteristics and behaviors.

I’m excited to announce that the team at Adobe, who has been successfully applying this tool with their clients, is considering a public release of this toolkit. For those eager to delve deeper into the power of archetypes and integrate these insights into your branding strategies, stay tuned for updates on this release.

Lastly, I encourage all of you to not just passively learn about these archetypes, but to actively engage with them. Test these concepts, challenge your existing perceptions, and discuss your experiences and ideas. How have you used archetypes in your projects? What impact have they had on your branding and customer engagement strategies? I look forward to your thoughts and discussions in the comments below.

Thanks for tuning in, and I can’t wait to catch up with your insights and stories in the comments!

Sometimes your customers are just not that into you… no matter what you do.

Join me on a short journey to introduce how you could uncover hidden insights, ignite inspiration, and fuel innovation in branding through the storytelling prowess of archetypes.

Introducing the Archetype Cards from Livid Design Studio—a powerful tool to help you harness the transformative power of archetypes. With these cards, you can spark creativity and forge authentic connections that resonate with your audience.