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How to find your Purpose using The Zenith Purpose Anatomy tool

How to find your Purpose using The Zenith Purpose Anatomy tool

Unleashing the Power of Purpose with the Zenith Purpose Anatomy Tool

Do you ever feel like you’re drifting without direction, especially in these unpredictable times? If you’re facing crucial decisions or feeling a bit lost, you’re not alone. Hi, I’m Vanderpool, a creative entrepreneur passionate about transforming problems into design opportunities. Today, I want to dive into the concept of purpose, a force more compelling than passion, and introduce you to a groundbreaking tool that can help clarify your goals: the Zenith Purpose Anatomy.

The Zenith Purpose Anatomy isn’t just another product; it’s a key to unlocking your deepest motivations. In this blog post, I’ll unveil the magic inside this little red box, explain how it works, and demonstrate its application in real-world scenarios. Whether you’re an individual seeking clarity or a team striving for a unified vision, this tool offers a unique approach to defining and achieving your objectives.

The Tool’s Components and Mechanism

At its core, the Zenith Purpose Anatomy consists of 49 hexagon-shaped cards divided into seven color-coded categories—wisdom, performance, connection, competence, freedom, progress, safety, and security. Each category is represented by spirit animals and includes an intuitive and rational side, helping users explore different aspects of their purpose. The layout of the cards forms a “purpose animal,” guiding you through the introspective journey of purpose discovery.

The Power of Purpose Over Passion

Simon Sinek famously emphasized the importance of ‘why’—why we do what we do. This tool pushes you to explore your ‘why’ on both personal and professional levels. By understanding your purpose, you align your actions with your deeper values, which is far more sustaining than merely following passions that might not resonate with everyone.

How to Use the Zenith Purpose Anatomy

The tool is designed to be interactive and introspective. Start by defining the purpose you’re curious about. Select the card sets that resonate most and begin constructing your purpose animal. This process not only helps identify what drives you but also integrates these insights into a tangible framework that can be revisited and refined, especially as your goals and circumstances evolve.

Real-World Applications and Success Stories

In the attached video, I share two compelling examples: the first, a session where Malu Sigma, the tool’s founder, helps me refine the purpose of my livestreams; the second, a session I conducted to help a friend define her social media strategy. These stories illustrate the practical applications of the tool and how it can lead to meaningful revelations and strategic clarity.

Available Formats and How to Acquire

The Zenith Purpose Anatomy is available both as a physical set and a digital version, making it accessible for remote teams or individual exploration. You can purchase the physical set from the Gods Attraction Strategy website or inquire about the digital version, which offers the same functionality for those who prefer virtual tools.


Purpose is the anchor in the chaos of possibilities. With the Zenith Purpose Anatomy, you’re not just finding answers but learning to ask better questions about your life and work. I invite you to try this tool, share your experiences, and explore how it might transform your approach to solving design challenges and beyond.

As we continue to explore innovative tools and methods, your feedback and insights are invaluable. Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and let’s engage in a lively discussion about the power of purpose in design and life.

How do you define a direction that gives you inner peace of mind, motivates your team, and inspires your customers? What change are you seeking to create? The Zenith Purpose Anatomy is a unique tool created by Marloes Sikkema, an innovation strategist based in the Netherlands.

Find out how seeking out your “spirit animal” unlocks deep reflection and allows people to articulate their individual purpose and the shared purpose of their team or business.

Watch the live stream with Marloes Sikkema, founder of the Zennith Purpose Anatomy: https://youtu.be/xk3zhAK5GbI

Watch the tool in action in a real project: https://youtu.be/QzDkPJCbjxk

Read the Medium article by Terri Mead related to identifying purpose with the tool – https://medium.com/terri-hanson-mead/finding-my-purpose-as-a-creator-and-midlife-influencer-21c2f5a01cda

Purchase the tool here: www.tractiontoolbox.ca

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