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Adding ‘colour’ to your event [strategy] with the “Drawing Out Change” visual design guide
14 October 2020

Adding ‘colour’ to your event [strategy] with the “Drawing Out Change” visual design guide

Harnessing Creativity and Strategy with the Event Design Handbook: A Game Changer for Event Planners

In the ever-evolving world of event design, finding the right tools to bring vivid color and dynamic interaction to your gatherings is paramount. As a creative entrepreneur and a certified event designer, my journey with the Event Design Handbook has been transformative, offering a novel approach to crafting memorable events that resonate deeply with all participants involved.

The Event Design Handbook, crafted by experts Rufus Andrew Johnson and Dennis Lawyer, is more than just a book—it’s an experiential tool that guides you through the meticulous process of event planning. From defining your event’s purpose to understanding the nuanced needs of every stakeholder involved, this handbook serves as your roadmap to success. It emphasizes the importance of the event canvas—a pivotal tool within the handbook that acts as both a dashboard and a deep-dive into the strategic framework of event design.

What sets this tool apart is its unique, interactive component—the Drawing Out Change book and pen. This accessory is designed to be a hands-on extension of the handbook, allowing you to color in and personalize the elements that are most crucial to your event’s success. This process not only makes the planning stages more engaging but also ensures that you can visualize the journey from conception to execution.

During a recent session, I delved into the book’s structure, which is cleverly divided into instructional and experiential sections, meeting in the middle at what I like to call the ‘hourglass’ of event design. This pivotal section is where all planning elements converge, enabling you to craft an event that precisely aligns with your strategic objectives and desired behavioral outcomes.

Moreover, the book is peppered with QR codes linking to additional resources and visual aids, which enrich the learning experience and offer further clarity on complex concepts. This feature is invaluable as it provides on-the-go insights that can be accessed at any stage of the planning process.

I’ve personally utilized the Event Design Handbook alongside the Drawing Out Change toolkit in several high-stakes gatherings, each time finding new ways to enhance the participant experience. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, affirming the effectiveness of these tools in creating impactful and engaging events.

As we continue to navigate a world where virtual and hybrid events are becoming the norm, the principles outlined in this handbook are more relevant than ever. By integrating these tools into your event design process, you’re not just planning an event; you’re crafting a journey that guides each participant towards a transformative experience.

For fellow event designers, both novice and experienced, I highly recommend exploring the Event Design Handbook and its accompanying tools. Whether you’re looking to refine your approach or revolutionize the way you design events, this book is a treasure trove of insights that can elevate your creative process.

As I share this journey with you, I also extend an invitation to participate in a special giveaway of the Drawing Out Change book and pen, as a token of appreciation for the community that continues to inspire and support creative endeavors in event design. Let’s continue to put color back into our events and design experiences that leave lasting impressions.

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Remember, every event is a canvas awaiting your unique touch. Let’s make it colorful!

An experience that helps you create better experiences? 🙂 The folks from the Event Design collective found a unique and interactive way to introduce you to the world of Event Design [Strategy]. Events have the power to change behavior and inspire – but you have to apply the right strategy.

Join me for a sneak peek at the Drawing out Change book and pen from my friends, and the team behind the Event Canvas and the Event Design Handbook.