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Archive for June, 2020
#182 The end of “bread and games” (ft. Jonathan Gall)

#182 Spending some valuable time “listening” and “learning”.

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#181 Finding a proper cuppa (ft. Justin Strohmenger)

#181 Adapting to not having something for a while is one thing. Sometimes, just sometimes you get to have ‘that thing’ again and then you appreciate it even more.

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A structured approach to designing your podcast strategy

Want to take a leap into podcasting? I’ve got something that might help you. Podcasts are hands down my favourite medium – but so many of them fail or fizzle out. This motivated my to draw up a tool that I’ve been using with some of my clients and I hope will help creators as you think about the “why” of your audio creation — especially if you’re an entrepreneurial podcaster. Drop me a note if you found this helpful at all — now go record something.

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Using the experiential benefits of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to slow the Design Thinking process

Premise: Using the experiential benefits of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to slow the Desing process down when it’s needed. You have several design tools and approaches in your toolbelt — with Lego Serious Play as your absolute favourite of course! It is tempting to use the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®[…]

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#180 Casting votes

#180 Casting votes for the new, well probably, current president.

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#179 For the new generation

#179 Saturday coffee time and reflecting on a conversation with an old friend.

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