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A structured approach to designing your podcast strategy
29 June 2020

A structured approach to designing your podcast strategy

Podcasting is a medium that has never been so accessible as now. However, a lot of podcasts fizzle out after the first few episodes. Don’t be “that person”!

I’ve learnt a few things after slamming a microphone into my forehead a few times — a podcasters’ equivalent to a facepalm. You see, the secret behind a good podcast is creating a show that gets audiences talking about it. There’s nothing so disappointing than working your butt off behind the microphone on something beautiful and then having no one acknowledge it (not even your mom). Even worse, for some of us who want to make a living from podcasting, having the sound of crickets rather than the raving applause of clients can be a bummer.

Thanks to a few failures, I decided to change the way I was designing podcasts. Unlike some of the other “experts” out there, I believe selecting the right microphone and getting a podcast live should be the last thing on your mind. In fact, you can use your phone to record your voice, and you can push your podcast live today for free using a platform like an Anchor.

What I want to show you is a foundational approach that creates a platform for meaningful engagement with your audience. This technique uses tricks that I’ve learned from my days as a marketing professional, bootstrapping my own business and leveraging Design Thinking principles.

I present to you the “Podcast Concept Whiteboard”, patent-pending *wink*. I should perhaps say, prototype-pending. 

I’ve used this to design shows for my clients, and of course, I prototype this thing on myself. This is the first time that I’m pushing it into the public domain. 

I hope you’re excited to start your podcast — Let’s do this!

Download the Canvas here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/82elhr3igcar68g/Podcast%20Strategy%20Canvas.pdf?dl=0


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