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23 July 2019
40: Bootstrapping a business, and crossing boundaries

Starting your own ‘sideshow’ requires some structure and planning, especially if you have to do it with limited additional investment. We dedicate the bulk of the show discussing a tool we created to help you structure your ideas and bootstrap your gig. We also spend a few minutes, at the start to reflect and pay tribute to a South African legend and what his work meant to Werner and Jono.

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23 July 2019
Designing a ‘Bootstrap’

Designing a ‘Bootstrap’ Until recently bootstrapping was something I associated with technology. Usually, a piece of software that initiates your hardware and software like your operating system when firing up your laptop in the morning. The ‘coffee’ of the software world if you will. Bootstrapping is also a[…]

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8 July 2019
39: Work, Health, Love, Play

Listen to your body; keep track of what you are eating and how you are keeping yourself busy. In the episode, Jonathan sign’s up for a gym membership, and Werner explores the world of intermittent fasting and tightening the belt on email and interruptions from Donald Trump. Design your life, your work, your health, ​and love.​

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