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53: How to write a winning proposal without anxiety and stress?
16 March 2020

53: How to write a winning proposal without anxiety and stress?

As an independent, either solo-entrepreneur, freelance or consultant, you constantly have to negotiate and prove your value to your (potential) clients. It is a painful exercise that very few are prepared to face at the start of their adventure. Unfortunately, this quickly can become the main culprit for the anxiety and stress that characterize too often the solo experience.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Having worked for the past decades first for a world-class ad agency, then one of the Big 4 Consulting company, Werner shares in this episode a wealth of knowledge on the process that will lead you to write proposals of exceptional quality. Jonathan and Werner also exchange on how every worker, whatever their background, could use some of these techniques to improve their career and increase their salary.

Past failures can also become a valued guide to your future success. It’s from taking risks, thus putting yourself in a position of growth, that we gain valuable experience.

During this episode, Werner and Jonathan will share with you the lessons they learned from their failures and successes, thus creating a practical tool that you will be able to use during your own negotiations and proposals. A podcast episode that you will need to save and listen at the right time.

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