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Creative Coffee Break LIVE
An innovation coaching session, over coffee

My guest is on a mission to help 1 Million people to innovate. It’s brave. It’s bold. It’s Jens Heitland! Jens is a former global head of Innovation at IKEA, has taken on this ambitious goal as a consultant, coach and entrepreneur. I’ll be twisting his arm this[…]

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UXPressia 2021 CJM Report, a sneak peek Ft. Yuri Vedenin

The UXPressia team describes themselves as – “…the future of Customer and User Experience Management. An online platform to create, manage, share and deliver Customer Journey Maps, Personas and Impact Maps in mere minutes.” They support and train customers across the globe which have given them a unique[…]

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Burn the Sticky Notes! Ft. Tamara and Shawna Eberle

Have you noticed how we have become so used to equating walls of sticky notes with innovation and design-related activities? Tamara and Shawna say it’s time to burn those walls of sticky notes and focus on outcomes by unlocking your team’s creative potential. Shawna and Tamara Eberle are[…]

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Remove associations with certain “objects” to consider other possibilities – Jeff Parks

According to Jeff Parks, we should remove our associations and experiences with certain “objects” to consider other possibilities. Jeff Parks is a User Experience and Product Design Leader and one of the OG’s of Information Architecture and User Experience Design. We explore what it means to move your[…]

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Small tools and interesting things from my studio

Creative Coffee Break with Wern’ In case you missed today’s stream, here are the talented folks and tools I shared during the session. Oh! And I’m giving a book to one lucky viewer, see below how you can enter. UXPressia ‘s User Journey and Persona cheat cards –[…]

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