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28 February 2021
#425 Go find it! ft. Mike Sinclair

#425 How about a little bit of “Audio Tourism” to start the week?

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27 February 2021
#424 Sensitive boy

#424 He took the break-up of Daft Punk badly – not that he’s a fan.

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26 February 2021
#423 Keep on showing up

#423 Been a long week with ups and downs – but grateful to end it on a good note with my fam.

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UXPressia 2021 CJM Report, a sneak peek Ft. Yuri Vedenin

The UXPressia team describes themselves as – “…the future of Customer and User Experience Management. An online platform to create, manage, share and deliver Customer Journey Maps, Personas and Impact Maps in mere minutes.” They support and train customers across the globe which have given them a unique[…]

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25 February 2021
#422 Where did the internet go?

#422 Lights out, in. the digital world without a word from my provider. Strange that companies don’t have to apologise, but humans do?

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24 February 2021
#421 Here’s Jono!

#421 I roped my friend Jonathan Gall into Finding Frequency just because he’s always dodging me!

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