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15 April 2019
35: In the business of product (Feat. Maciej Saganowski)

Maciej Saganowski is the mastermind behind Ultimo Studio a boutique consultancy located in the North of Poland. His experience in Sales and Marketing has given him a strong business understanding which he believes will be a crucial skill as designers move from general UX roles into Product Design and Development.

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1 April 2019
34: Inspired by an interesting relationship with Loneliness (Feat. Experience Architect Damian Madray).

A prolific explorer and entrepreneur Damian Madray moved to Silicon Valley where he co-founded The Glint; a collective of creators with the aim to bring people together to connect in deeply authentic ways. This paved the way to his new project, a start-up titled, Presence. It is here that he is focusing on, what he calls an ‘enquiry’ into how Experiences can be scaled in a sustainable way.

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