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Add a little facilitation-magic and get the most out of your meetings
5 December 2022

Add a little facilitation-magic and get the most out of your meetings

Unleashing Creative Collaboration: How Facilitation Cards Can Transform Your Design Sessions

As a facilitator, I’ve always viewed sessions as thrilling opportunities to solve complex human-centered design problems. Today, I want to share a game-changing tool that has reshaped my approach to facilitating productive and innovative sessions: facilitation cards. My journey with these cards, specifically the Facilitator Cards by Make a Team, offers a glimpse into how structured creativity can lead to profound group insights and solutions.

In every group session, the main challenge lies in nurturing an environment conducive to collaboration. Participants come with the desire to contribute and collaborate, driven by a shared recognition of the common challenges that need addressing. However, the path to effective collaboration is often cluttered with obstacles that can stifle the creative process. As facilitators, our role is pivotal in identifying and removing these barriers, whether they pertain to making connections, fostering contributions, or ensuring equity among diverse global participants.

Facilitation cards have been a cornerstone in transforming these challenges into structured opportunities for engagement. These cards are not just tools; they are a set of frameworks that guide the design of sessions that are as dynamic as they are diverse. The tangible, high-quality cards come in a set of 60, each color-coded to denote different phases of the session—Emotion, Ideation, Clarification, and Execution. Each category is equipped with 14 different exercises, plus blank cards for tailored needs, providing a flexible yet structured approach to session design.

One might wonder about the practical application of such a tool. Here’s how it works: the cards help in planning the session flow, from warming up the group with emotion-driven exercises to diving deep into ideation, then moving on to clarification and finally, execution. The versatility of the cards allows for them to be rearranged based on the session’s needs, making them an indispensable asset in the facilitator’s toolkit.

Moreover, the physicality of the cards adds a layer of engagement that digital tools cannot match. Being able to move cards around physically helps in visualizing the session flow and makes adjustments on the fly easier. The cards also feature spaces for custom notes like timings and logistical details, which can be wiped clean, readying them for the next session.

To anyone stepping into facilitation or looking to enhance their facilitation skills, these cards offer a tangible way to harness collective creativity and navigate the complexities of group dynamics. They demystify the art of facilitation, providing clear paths through the often chaotic journey of collaborative problem-solving.

So, if you’re looking to elevate your facilitation game and empower teams to harness their collective creativity towards solving meaningful problems, consider giving Facilitator Cards a try. They might just be the missing piece in your toolkit to make your sessions not only productive but truly magical. For those interested, more detailed insights and practical tips can be found at Facilitator Cards, where you can also download a preview pack to get started.

In the spirit of collaboration and innovation, I encourage you to explore these tools and share your experiences. Let’s continue the conversation in the comments below—how have facilitation tools transformed your approach? What challenges have you overcome with their help? I look forward to hearing your stories and insights as we all strive to make our own magic in the world of design.

Taking on the role of facilitator in your next session doesn’t have to be daunting. Let me share how to use facilitation magic to get the most out of your meetings and workshops. We’ll look at the essential role of a facilitator, and I’ll also share a great tool you can use for extra measure. I’m excited to show you how to make your collaboration activities more productive and engaging. So let’s get started!

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