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The business of living
28 June 2018

The business of living

The business of living

I played tournament Paintball years ago and met many odd, unusual characters during that time. One of them, Theunis, a team-mate with a larger than life personality. I remember his dynamic confidence, benevolently engaging anyone who met his gaze. Random spectators, players, friends, family, anyone within earshot.

I still hear the echo of his voice and what became our rhetorical team catchphrase, “Is jy bang!?”. The direct translation from Afrikaans, “Are you afraid?”

The noise of the paintball fields long gone, the phrase remained chiselled into my subconscious. A ritual I followed by shamelessly answering “No”, carrying me into many adventures since. Until the day I caught myself answering “Yes”. A paralysing acknowledgement.

“Fear is not the enemy. Paralysis is the enemy.”, Seth Godin.

I forgot the original intention of that question. Theunis never did.

A few years later, the phone rang, Theunis was involved in a severe motorcycle accident. It took his arm, nearly his life. A husband, father, he fought his way back from the brink. I can’t imagine the fear he and his family had to face then, and on the long road of rehabilitation since.

Responding with “no” is not the denial of fear, it is the acknowledgement of a call to adventure. Be in the business of living.

“Is jy bang!?”