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Archive for November, 2021
29 November 2021
#620 Inconvenient

#619 Empathy is not alway convenient.

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23 November 2021
#619 A little adventure waiting for us

#619 A little adventure waiting for us as we wrap up the first part of this week.

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22 November 2021
#618 Just look at Mama

#618 Just look at Mama, especially when you get a little fearful. This week we celebrate a new adventure with Mama.

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18 November 2021
#617 Changing lives

#617 Changing lives and buying oil for our estate.

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17 November 2021
#616 Llama Poef Poef

#616 Playtime with my special guest.

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16 November 2021
#615 Grateful entrepreneur

#614 Grateful that I’ve had a few clients come back to me the past couple of months.

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