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Archive for June, 2021
#547 Walled gardens and not getting stuff done

#547 Struggling with bad technology problems and a grumpy little sick boy.

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#546 Frist me, now Frantzi

#546 Frist me, now Frantzi. The little tike is feeling a little under the weather again. Can you get sick from too much playing?

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#545 Pass the headache tabs please

#545 Pass the headache tabs, please. A productive start to the week with a little bit of dull pain.

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#544 A little bit of a drag

#544 Tired after a bicycle ride and some time out in the fresh air with my crew.

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#543 Future football star

#543 Lazy Saturday vibes.

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#542 Excited to wrap up the week

#542 Speeding towards the end of the week and looking forward to some Frantzi-time.

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