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Archive for May, 2021
#517 Slipping into Monday

#517 Starting the week with a stroll and some intense planning.

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#516 I wish I had the energy of a 4-year-old

#516 End of a busy countryside weekend.

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#515 Reflecting on reflection

#515 Countryside vibes with my crew. Can’t ask for better company.

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#514 Getting off to a good start

#514 Preparing for the new project, aligning with the team but first….. weekend!

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#513 A day filled with strong woman

#513 A day filled with a strong woman kicking butt all over the place.

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Reignite your Curiosity — There is always something new to learn

Curiosity is one of our innate superpowers. It powers the human race and fuels innovation. It’s what drives us to create new things and explore the world around us. More than often, Curiosity can be less present or move to the background. Anthony Rocco, an Experience Designer &[…]

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