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Archive for April, 2021
#486 Lunch’clubbing

#486 Time well spent with new people is always a good way to start the day.

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#485 I’m a Modern[a] man!

#485 Vaccination round 1 – so grateful to have reached this point. Not due to fear of death but rather fear of being stuck in this pandemic limbo world we currently live in.

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#484 I’m 48 on Episode 484

#484 Correction…. I’m 48! 🙂

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#483 Opportunities peeking around the corner

#483 Early start to the day with a birthday, and a vaccine on the horizon.

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#482 Cold Monday, warm coffee

#482 Monday started with a good coffee with a great friend.

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#481 Giving thanks

#481 Celebrating a name-day.

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