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Archive for March, 2021
#456 Interesting people

#456 It’s interesting what you can do for people if you know what their pain points are.

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#455 Haning with F-L-antzi

#455 The little one stayed with us today – it was a long day, but he’s such a cool dude.

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#454 First official day of the next wave

#454 Feels like yesterday when we were all stuck inside with our kids… nope, it’s today.

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#453 Feeling a little green

#453 Frantzi had a green night changing out Sunday plans.

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#452 The Disney move test

#452 Absorbing the energy of the sun and the emotion of a good ol’Disney movie.

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#451 That one time the stream broke :(

#451 Had a live-stream hiccup today, and I heard (or saw) that I need reading glasses. Am I now an old fart?

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