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9 January 2021
#375 Sleep, and the the lack thereof

#375 Frantzi’s been kicking and punching. Maybe he’s trying to tell us something?

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8 January 2021
#374 Are you the ‘Marta’?

#374 Frantzi’s getting back to Kindergarten and Marta’s planning the weekend.

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7 January 2021
#373 Chin up!

#373 I feel bad for my American friends, but I know what happened yesterday doesn’t define them. Nor defines, never should, all my other friends who deal with their own challenges.

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7 January 2021
#372 Listening is still the best “action”

#372 Listening to learn, and then implementing that learning. I get to listen to a ton of things these past days.

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5 January 2021
#371 Get a solid dose of stress and sleep

#371 Dealt with some frustrations today, failed but realise that it’s part of the growth pattern for this ageing brain.

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4 January 2021
#370 Phew, that was close

#370 Distractions and interruptions but progress was made! Welcome, 2021 🙂

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