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15 January 2021
#381 He’s ok but he’s go us worried

#381 Ending the week with a sick boy and a white Warsaw.

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14 January 2021
#380 Who’s on your side?

#380 Only think white and supreme should be the awesome snow flurries. The rest is just an indicator of what’s good and evil.

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13 January 2021
#379 Don’t worry, don’t cry

#379 I ran out of coffee but luckily I have my son who has my back. If only he could run out to get me a cup.

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12 January 2021
#378 His name is Sweetie

#378 I can’t keep up with the name changes in my house.

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11 January 2021
#377 Visioneering

#377 Finding ways to develop and take more responsibility.

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10 January 2021
#376 A little water in your nose

#376 Winding down the weekend with a bath, and a little diver.

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