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Archive for December, 2020
31 December 2020
#366 One episode a day, for 366 days

#366 This is it, the last episode of 2020, and the last episode of my original mission.

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30 December 2020
#365 Here’s to the anti-hero’s of 2020

#365 Sending love to a few of the ordinary hero’s that made my 2020 days interesting. Maybe you can be a 2021 hero?

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29 December 2020
#364 You made it this far, you rock

#364 What a weird week. Take some time to reflect on the good stuff you did the past couple of months. At the very least, you’ve navigated a pandemic somehow.

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28 December 2020
#363 Breaking out of limbo?

#363 I have forgotten how weird this time of year can be…. hanging.

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27 December 2020
#362 Vaccinations starting in Europe today

#362 A walk, a thought while fighting off hairdresser conspiracies.

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27 December 2020
#361 Getting a fresh perspective on old views

#361 Breakfast rush and a chilled evening with my own thoughts.

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