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Archive for October, 2020
31 October 2020
#305 They left their red tracks in Warsaw

#305 Explored the aftermath of some powerful emotion in Warsaw today.

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30 October 2020
#304 A little bit of light

#304 Ending the week, and month (wow) on a good note.

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29 October 2020
#303 Hacking away at old institutional thinking with a plastic chainsaw

#303 I am a little distracted by a special request from my son, some while some important things are happening in Poland.

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28 October 2020
#302 Getting in the [time]zone

#302 Timezones, working all hours and a very important strike!

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27 October 2020
#301 So much going on

#301 Staying on track in a pandemic of viruses – some biological other perhaps a little more political.

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