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Archive for July, 2020
#213 The little plastic train

#213 We are safe at home after spending way too long on the road with a little boy and his train.

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#212 Grateful for craziness

#212 On the eve of the end of our holiday we’re feeling good about the ups and the downs.

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#211 Not queuing for smelly seals

#211 A small family outing to Hel turned into a social distancing hell.

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#210 Rolling down the road

#210 Frantzi (and Marta) is taking a break from me while I explore my inner teenager.

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#209 We misplaced Frantzi

#209 Frantzi wandered off today – a stressful but happy ending to the day.

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#208 Mom, Dad and their boards

#208 Father and son conversation about the holiday thus far.

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#207 Chilly start to the holiday

#207 Made the best of a chilly start to the holiday in Hel.

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#206 Happy in Hel

#206 The worst part of Hel is the traffic getting into Hel.

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#205 Experimentation – with errors

#205 Experimentation and small personal challenges are the way you keep things fresh.

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#204 Where’s the powdered milk?

#240 The day started with a bright note — as we wrap things up and getting ready for our journey north.

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