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Archive for May, 2020
#152 We like to move it!

#152 We’re moving closer to returning to Warsaw but hanging on to a few more special moments in a special place.

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#151 Small barbecue in the rain

#151 More family time hanging out in outside Warsaw for a couple of days.

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#150 Celebrating Hundred-and-fifty episodes of finding the extraordinary

#150 Celebrating a podcasting milestone in a beautiful place in Poland.

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#149 The lessons aren’t going to stop anytime soon (ft.Jacquie Mullany)

#149 The lessons aren’t going to stop anytime soon – but – it’s better if we can all learn together and get out of our comfort zone.

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#148 Propensity for action (ft. Gustav Puchert)

#148 Reflections on an industry under huge pressure and the humans behind it.

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#147 Fake it, till you make it (ft. Bart Jurkowski)

#147 One one I know has done this before, so we will all have to improvise the new-normal.

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