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Archive for April, 2020
#121 From “Yes, and” to “What if” (ft. Kamlesh Jogee)

#121 Innovation is seeded by small seeds that you need to nurture. Make time for them to grow and flourish.

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#120 Finding time for stillness (ft.Tammy Gooler Loeb)

#120 Find time for stillness, find time to learn.

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#118 Convenient or essential? (ft. Rueben Puchert)

#118 Value your convenience and cherish the essentials.

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#117 Keep on doing you (ft. Fei Wu)

#117 Keep on doing you and soon you will find the folks who need you.

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#116 Pink Flamingos

#116 A moment with dear friends and taking a break from being “deeply” present, just for a moment.

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#115 Making some noise

#115 Sometimes I feel like an America, living in Poland blowing my African vuvuzela.

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#114 Mindful, present and in the moment with bubbles

#114 On being mindful, present and in the moment with bubbles!

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#113 We are exactly on schedule

#113 Impatient? Got somewhere else you have to be? We are exactly on schedule!

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#112 Cherish the time

#112 Claim the time, cherish the time. We’re attending the largest event in our lifetime.

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