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#91 Preparing for more

#91 Seems note everybody has gotten the message yet, Polish government is tightening the restrictions. We’re also worried about the tightening of our belts as lack of activity and anxiety leads to unhealthy habits.

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#90 Blue Bathwater

#90 Blue bathwater and snow outside.

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#89 Isolation from isolation

#89 We took a break from isolation and went into isolation.

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#88 Djgerms

#88 Let’s wash those ‘Djgerms’ down the drain.

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#87 Resilience and humanity

#87 Resilience and humanity. I spent the day in the company of beautiful people across the globe.

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#86 Taking out the garbage

#86 As buys as always, even in these strange times.

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#85 When the wind blows into your headphones

…all that’s left to do, is simple record something again.

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#84 Lockdown

Poland’s gone into full-lockdown.

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#83 What is, and what will be

#83 I don’t know, neither do you!

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#82 A little bit of news from Africa

#82 Took some time today, to catch up with my cousin in Cape Town.

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