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29 February 2020
Can a “Toy” help you innovate?

How can you amplify all the voices in your team creatively without giving up your credibility? Playmobil Pro is a new tool to encourage creative conversations and interactivity amongst professionals. Join me for a quick give you a quick tour. – Playmobile Pro Website – http://bit.ly/playmobilpro

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28 February 2020
59: #59 Are we heading towards a panic pandemic?

#59 Everybody’s rushing to the story to buy masks. Are we overreacting? Where’s the extraordinary in this situation?

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27 February 2020
58: #58 Snow knows

#58 Weather report, a special extraordinary in my pocket and a grumpy postal lady.

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26 February 2020
57: #57 Boys day out

#57 We played hooky. I skipped my morning session and he skipped play-school for a day with his old man – just because.

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25 February 2020
56: #56 Live and let… learn

#56 From a downer-day to an extraordinary day.

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24 February 2020
55: #55 The verdict

#55 My office next to the smelly dumpster.

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