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Archive for January, 2020
31 January 2020
#31 Happy news before the weekend

#31 Funny how a slow day can turn into an extraordinary day if you know where to look.

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30 January 2020
#30 Brakkies

#30 He had to settle for me. An old best friend lives on.

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29 January 2020
#29 Stuff that sparks joy

#26 My new potential office sparks joy, so much potential. I took a moment to think about something else that I own that also brings a smile to my face.

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28 January 2020
#28 On being crazy

#28 It’s the crazy ones that challenge the status quo – “Here’s to the crazy ones”

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27 January 2020
#27 Don’t be an asshole, go to bed after Paw-Patrol

#27 I am thinking about getting more sleep after listing to some key insights today. Oh, and a waffle maker.

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26 January 2020
#26 A taste of Mongolian culture with a pinch of Kimchi spice

#26 We enjoyed an evening out to see a unique Mongolian based band, followed by an undercover reconnaissance mission and a quest to find kimchi spice.

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