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22 May 2018
Once seen, it can’t be unseen

Once seen, it can’t be unseen “Who’s Castle?! Our Castle! My name is Michael Carlyle, I’m a student of wizardry, and my father was a respected and famous Guardian.” Sketch-notes; Value of lost opportunities. It has been a year since I became Michal for a few days and participated[…]

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16 May 2018
Staring into the Dragon’s eye

Staring into the Dragon’s eye Two years ago, in a Polish Castle, I met Mark Odesky. You see, he knows a thing or two about Dragons, the fear they invoke and how to slay them. Sketch-note; Ambitions and Constraints. Mark who? In some way or another, his work might[…]

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14 May 2018
Searching for Maybe-man.

Searching for Maybe-man. “Werner. Everything will be fine. As long as we have a great story to tell.”, I heard this a few times over the years I worked with one of my former bosses. In case you wondered; she was right, more times I cared to count.[…]

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14 May 2018
“Flapping lips.”

“Flapping lips.” My career in advertising started in a Johannesburg basement. A web developer, somewhat shy, introverted, spending his time with others of his kind. As developers do. Not quite a Mad Man. The introvert flourished and became a client-facing strategist. Swooping in, alongside his team, with the[…]

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10 May 2018
Finding confidence

Finding confidence I have lost it, like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. For him a heart, for me, confidence. A cancer has been consuming my passion, work, art. Certainty. The skill of carrying yourself with such conviction that everybody believes you have all the answers,[…]

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7 May 2018
Lesego is his name

Lesego is his name Little Tabo started walking, and he is growing up so fast. I have been away the last 4 Months. Zanele, my wife, is looking after the smallholding, no running water and electricity it’s no easy task. Thank god she’s a strong woman, and with the[…]

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