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Reverse Mentorship – The New Way to Get Ahead

Shifting the traditional concept of mentorship into reverse to gain forward momentum. Reverse mentorship is a new concept in the workplace that will change the way we do things. According to this week’s guest on the Creative Coffee Break, this approach allows senior team members to learn from[…]

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Research Rocket-fuel for Your Business

One of the best ways to improve your business is to research your customers and prospects. Research can be a huge time suck, complicated, and sometimes expensive. Research is rocket-fuel, not a phase, according to, Kasia Gawlik a seasoned strategist, experience design leader, and guest on this week’s[…]

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Can a business be disruption proof?

Are you interested in building a more sustainable business? Join us this week for a discussion with Dennis Geelen, author of the ‘The Zero In Formula’ and Customer Experience & Innovation Consultant. We discussed what it takes to build a more effective and sustainable business, along with some[…]

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How to Find Fulfilling Work

Can you find fulfilment in your career? What does the word “career” mean to an entrepreneur? Or, if you’re getting a little grey like me, how can I go about looking for new challenges after so many years in the market? What’s even worse. We only start thinking[…]

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Design your event: How to make your meetings matter

Have you booked that meeting recently? Two or more people on the invite? Guess what, you are an event owner. However, event design is more than agendas and aesthetics – they need to drive meaningful change and deliver measurable results. Anthony Vade, North America Director of the Event[…]

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Seeking purpose, over coffee – a live working session

An authentic live-working-session with Innovation Consultant Marloes Sikkema. Marloes is the creator of the Zenith Purpose Anatomy, a tool that helps you explore the topic of ‘purpose’. We put her research, experience and the Zenith tool through its paces this Friday. Yep, together we’ll work on the “purpose”[…]

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